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Friday, July 6, 2018

What Today or Tomorrow May Bring

The Amazing Events in Life, what are the Odds this could happen, a reason to  always have Hope...that this could be a similar Story in a Researchers Life & Quest to Learn Answers of the Past.

My New Neighbor is

Friday, May 25, 2018

A- Rh Factor Mutant, Alien or Human

I have A negative Blood

16 Dec 2016 completed Ancestry-DNA test.

I then since have joined GEDmatch (my Kit number: A476709 and Ged-ID  9648706)

Hoping to connect to a Genetic Bloodline, most commonly refers to heredity. 

What is in a Name, or in my case what should my Surname aka Family Name, have been?

I continue my Quest to Learn who I descend from of my Paternal side, since My Father was born a Begnal, died a Young (1924-1995), same of my Uncle (1923-2012), and my grandfather/their Father Clifford Franklin Begnal (1903-1960), which began in 1994.

It now appears after 24 yrs of Researching this Begnal Line...Clifford's Father may very well have been Claude Brudenell Eaton (1879-??) this discovery came 29 Dec 2016. 

I received an e-mail from my 1st Cousin, "I just wanted to forward this blood type we both are RH- "

Some suggest that Rh-Negative blood must be of a non-human origin.  The majority of scientists who have studied the blood type have concluded that it is most likely just a random mutation.

Others suggest that lineages with the gene for Rh-Negative blood are merely special in some way and were not meant to be mixed with lineages which are predominantly Rh-Positive.

What is in our Bloodline connecting my cousin and I to our unknown Paternal Surname, which neither of us were born with.  And the same of those born/descendants of Clifford Franklin birth surname is unknown, are not Begnal or Young, even though it may be written on their birth certificates Begnal or Young.

Which led me to researching more about my Blood Type A-

Rh factor and Rh incompatibility - Rhesus (Rh) factor is an inherited protein found on the surface of red blood cells.  If your blood has the protein, you're Rh positive. If your blood lacks the protein, you're Rh negative. Rh positive is the most common blood type. 

Very interesting, I never had learned about the Thyroid Gland and its importance, until today.

Do you come from an Rh-Negative family? 

The Rh-Negative Registry - The Rh-Negative Recessive (Rh+/-) Trait  and how we could possibly carry the recessive RH - factor even if we have positive blood.

Friday, May 4, 2018

DNA, Genealogy & Crime Cold Cases

A new DNA technology used to track down the alleged Golden State Killer...

....could help identify another infamous serial murderer in California: the Zodiac Killer. 

CBS Carter Evans reports

Friday, April 27, 2018

To Catch A Murder with DNA

Police used DNA info on genealogy websites to track down Golden State Killer suspect that allegedly killed 12 people and committed at least 50 rapes in 10 counties in California, from 1976 to 1986, authorities said. 

A police officer, mechanic and Vietnam veteran

DeAngelo graduated from basic training at the Naval Training Center in San Diego, California in December 1964, according to Navy Public Affairs.  He served aboard the USS Canberra, a guided missile cruiser, during the Vietnam War, the Navy said.

Some of the alleged crimes overlapped with his time as a police officer in Auburn, California, officials said.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi confirmed the news, first reported by the Sacramento Bee, that police matched crime scene DNA to genetic material from a relative who was registered on genealogy sites.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Who is Clifford Franklin's Father?

Today marks the 17th year of my first post to Rootsweb Research Journey Continues after 25 yrs as to who is Clifford Franklin's, biological Father, my Great Grandfather ?

I know his bio Mother is Elizabeth Shaughnessy

and this is Elizabeth with Claude Eaton about June 1900

could this be Clifford's Father ?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Update Family Tree Maker 2017

Think Twice as the saying goes...

Caution, if you are/were a User of Ancestry's FTM2014, which since last year is now in the hands of MACKIEV Software for continued Updates/Upgrades for FTM2014.1 by Mackiev and recent announcement pre-31 Mar 2017 regarding a New FTM 2017 to have been released as of 31 Mar.

My communication with Evgen, Senior Product Manager, Family Tree Maker after receiving 2 e-mails Subject: FTM 2017 BETA TESTING dated 6 Apr 2017

FTM2017 was scheduled to be released 31 Mar 2017, as far as I am aware, FTM2017 has not been released as of this writing 7 Apr 2017.

Consequently My FTM-2014.1 of 3 versions since its release 2016, is useless without Synchronization


My Feedback to Mackiev Reference FTM2014.1

Since what set out to be an upgrade from Ancestry's FTM 2014, and a user of FTM since its origin, now has me at a standstill since I upgraded to Mackiev's FTM2014.1, with 2 additional updates since, of which supposedly if the update 501 was successful, I did not need to install update 510.

Since I may not use every facet of the FTM Program, as to a possible issue, I downloaded and install update 510.

However, I received the Big Announcement of FTM 2017 in the works, to have been released 31 Mar 2017, which has not as this writing 7 Apr.  And as a result my upgraded Ancestry FTM2014 to MacKiev's FTM2014.1 as of prior to 31 Mar 2017, is no longer able to Synchronize without the FTM2017 Upgrade.

So I am not a Happy Camper and dedicated a webpage to my Mackiev FTM2014.1 experiences of 5 months of its use.

D.R. "Doc" Young -