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Monday, July 8, 2019

Utah's 1st Asylum 55 who died there

"There were good reasons why it was so far from town and why it took several hours to get there in a buggy on bad roads," said Laurie Bryant, a retired paleontologist who uncovered the names of 55 patients who died at the facility.

"The asylum was little more than a jail where patient treatment could be described as somewhere between cruelty and indifference," she said. "People would be sent there and held for years without any legal process."

Bryant's research and dedication to preserve the memory of those who died at the facility led to the erection of a monument. A stone plaque, unveiled at a ceremony on Tuesday at the Salt Lake City Cemetery's B plat, bears the names of the facility's deceased patients.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Thursday, February 14, 2019

DNA Genealogical Genetics - What Does it All Mean ?

I begin with My Brief Story and my purpose for DNA testing...

...I began Genealogy Research Sep 1992, became a Member of May 2004... 

...1992 my First Genealogy Computer Program was FamilyOrigins, at the time I had Internet connectivity.  The Web (WWW) went commercially 6 August 1991.

By 1994, Prodigy became a pioneer in selling "dial-up" connections to the World Wide Web, thus creating my First Genealogy Research Home Page using HoTMetal an HTML program (1994) and posting Sep 1995 on Prodigy.

I have been In Search of my Paternal Lineage since 1994, when I learned my Father Richard Newton Young was born Newton Richard Begnal 1924

Come forward to Dec 2016, I completed my First DNA test (autosomal) with

AncestryDNA, thousands of 5th-8th Cousins began amassing, gathering 490 4th Cousins or Closer, Five 2nd Cousins and Ten 3rd Cousins Per my DNA Result Summary

I then downloaded my Ancestry's rawDNA data and up loaded 28 Apr 2018 to

GEDmatch - Kit No. A476709, and uploading a GEDCOM file exported from FTM2017 to GEDmatch Gedom# 5626977

I could see many DNA Matches, only I was not learning my Paternal Lineage as being a Young, Begnal or Whom?

Dec 2018, I ordered the Y-DNA37 Test from FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) ID#892549 and mailed off my sample 2 Jan 2019, by 5 Feb 2019...

...received an E-Mail from a Matt Eaton, stating I was indeed a member of the "Eaton" Family.

So it is Official, I belong to the Haplogroup R-M269, also known as R1b1a1a2, a sub-clade of human Y-chromosome haplogroup R1b.

Until 5 Feb 2019, AncestryDNA or GEDmatch did not produce a viable link to the Eaton name, or that My Bio Great-Grandfather is/was Claude Brudenell Eaton (1879-1956)

However, I did not/do not have DNA Samples of my Deceased Father (1995), or his Father Clifford Franklin Begnal (1960) to compare with.

Something else I did not know until today "The first company to provide direct-to-consumer genetic DNA testing was the now defunct GeneTree. 

However, it did not offer multi-generational genealogy tests.  In fall 2001, GeneTree sold its assets to Salt Lake City-based Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) which originated in 1999.

While in operation, SMGF provided free Y-Chromosome and mitochondrial DNA tests to thousands.  

Later, GeneTree returned to genetic testing for genealogy in conjunction with the Sorenson parent company and eventually was part of the assets acquired in the buyout of SMGF."

Not all DNA is created equal, however: males have both mitochondrial DNA AND a Y chromosome, so they can trace both their maternal and paternal ancestry. Females, who have mitochondrial DNA but no Y chromosome, can trace only their maternal ancestry.

What a Journey after 25+ yrs of diligently researching Begnal Lineage only to learn I am not genetically connected to Begnal's that I thought were my Paternal Great Grandfather's & Families back to 1847, Meath County, Ireland.  

A total of about 360 names I removed, since learning on 29 Dec 2016, I was not a Young or Begnal, right after have received my DNA Results, based on a 1928 Letter from Clifford age 25 at the time, written to his Aunt.

Since Genealogy DNA testing was not available back in 2004 via Ancestry, my answer may have came 14 yrs ago.  And now 25 yrs later, I have that Answer, part of my Research Goal, or the Goal once I knew I was not a Young or Begnal, only by my Birth Certificate and that of my Father's BC, I thought I was.

Also Means the Time (hours, days, weeks, months & years) I spent at my key-board, not to mention the Money involved to get where I am today as of this post.

and of the knowledge of Research, experience I have gained from researching the accumulation of 4,920+ Ancestors in my Tree thus far...since I originally only knew my Mother, her Mother, my Father of 24 yrs since our first meeting in 1968, who his Mother was...

...However, Nothing of their Lives Growing up, nor who my Paternal & Maternal Grandfathers, of Cousins Nieces or Nephews, which I did learned of an Uncle, born Clifford Anthony Begnal (1923), parents Clifford Franklin Begnal and Thelma Fern PerryPereira Cardozo.

Records between 1941-1947 

SS App 1941, 

Marriage Mar 1942, 
Military Jul 1942, 
1st Child Born Oct 1942, 
2nd Child Born Jan 1945, 
1945 Affidavit following an Adoption of 2nd Child,
Divorce Jul 1946
1946 Marriage 
1947 3rd Child Born came more twists and turns to the Story... was 4 Apr 1930, San Francisco federal census released in 2000, followed with Los Angeles County School records of 6 Sep 1930 obtained before 11 Sep 2001...11 Feb 1931, "Shots Fired" confirms the 4 Apr 1930 census Wife Head of House no longer in San Francisco, now living in Los Angeles County.

Since 1968, I have gained 6 half-siblings from 3 of 4 marriages of my Father, 2 Children of which per the 1945 Affidavit stating Newton Richard Young was not the biological father of Child 1 & 2, obtained by 1996.

The Mother whom Newton Richard m. Mar 1942, followed by Child 1 & 2 born in CA, all the while Newton Richard was in the Army stationed thousands of miles away in LA.  And was the Affidavit the Truth or just a way so Newton Richard was not obligated, as the divorce followed 8 Jul 1946.

Followed by the 9 Sep 1946, Marriage #2.  All this information did not come over night or from those involved, only myself and my tenacity to learn the answers as the possibilities abound, more questions with no one to ask the truth, and if there were, would tell the truth.

As it turns out, I am a Mayflower descendant of Francis Eaton (1595-1633) the Ships Carpenter, the #23rd signer on 11 Nov 1620, aboard ship, of the Mayflower Compact, which was the first governing document of the Plymouth Colony.

D.R. "Doc" Young
FTDNA Kit No. 892549 (5 Feb 2019) 
GEDmatch A476709 (28 Apr 2018) - rev. GEDCOM 13Feb2019 - ID5626977
AncestryDNA (16 Dec 2016)

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My Ancestry Tree

Friday, February 8, 2019

Ancestral Origins per my Y-DNA

FamilyTreeDNA -there are many result categories, one is Ancestral Origins based on my Y-DNA (paternal test) which a Person who test for their Y-DNA will show results (based on submitted sample) are compared to Other Y-DNA of those who have Submitted to FamilyTreeDNA from the USA and World.

My YDNA Result Chart below shows columns by Country* | Match Total* | Country Total* | Percentage* | Comment*

The Y-DNA – Ancestral Origins page allows you to view the ancestry information for your matches from one of our Y-Chromosome DNA STR (short tandem repeat) tests: Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25, Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, or Y-DNA111.

*Country – This is the paternal country of origin as reported by the individual customer.

*Match Total – This is the total number of matches for a specific country.

*Country Total – This is the total number of people with Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results from the country of origin in the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA database.

*Percentage – This is the percentage from the country of origin compared to the total number from that country in the database, i.e., the Match Total column divided by the Country Total column.

*Comment – This is additional information reported by the customer such as a social, religious, or ethnic group. Where more than one match from a country has provided the same comment, the number of matches is shown beside the comment. For example, someone with matches in Germany might have Baden-W├╝rttemberg (2) and Schleswig-Holstein (7).

Note: Family Tree DNA uses the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 3166 for country names.

above image is Exact Matches of my Y-DNA results at the 12 Marker Level

followed by 12 Marker Genetic Distance 1  - not shown above

25 Marker - not show above
Exact Matches

37 Marker - not show above
Exact Match

67 Marker - which I have not purchased

111 Marker - which I have not purchased

 12 Marker - My greatest Y-DNA connection are 

England 149 people out of 42,621 tested 
Germany 68 out of 22,768
USA 65 of 16,238
UK 49 of 15,117
Ireland 46 of 28,538
Scotland 44 of 20,101
Netherlands 25 of 3,107
France 22 of 6,903

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I am an Eaton - FTDNA Y-DNA37

From M. Eaton
6 Feb 2019

Mr. Young

You came up as a Y-DNA match to me through FTDNA. 

I saw the notes that you added- i.e., born as Young, Begnal, but your G-grandmother was married to Claude Brudenell Eaton of Oneida Co., NY.

Based on your Y-DNA results, we are a match, and I can safely say, you have your answer- you are an Eaton. 

From what you posted it looks like you are out of the branch from Ossee Eaton Sr. (b.1781 Vermont)

Welcome to the Eaton’s, there is an Eaton Families Association (EFA)

My Reply 6 Feb 2019: Results of my FTDNA Y-DNA37 test ID#892549 show that  I have 11 matches to the "Eaton" surname, meaning I am not a Young as born, nor Begnal as my Father was born. 

Hoping, after 25 yrs researching my Paternal side as Young & Begnal, the Eaton Surname shall never change again... to contact all Descendants Living of Clifford Franklin Begnal (1903-1960) & marriages to Thelma Ferne Perry (Pereira Cardozo) 1922, Oakland Co., CA, Lavilla B Woodbury 1926, Marin Co., CA, and Wilma Florence Gates 1928, Multnomah Co., OR.

Ossee Eaton, Sr. is now my Paternal 4th Great-Grandfather, descendant of Francis Eaton (1596/96-1633) a Carpenter on the Mayflower, my 9th Great-Grandfather, b. 11 Sep 1595/96, Bristol Co., England, d. 18 Nov 1633, Plymouth Co., MA. 

If Francis was born 11 Sep, we share the same Birth Day/Month of 11 Sep. born 351 years before me and 405 years before the Downing of the NY World Trade Center at 10:28 a.m. & 5:21 p.m.

I wish to extend my Wishes to All of Those I have came in contact with in my original search efforts of the Surname Begnal since 1992, Cousins and Fellow Researchers who have assisted Myself for my answers of Who Am I Really.

To those Begnal's whom I met...Clifford Floyd Begnal (1931-2011) only over the phone, son of Wilma Gates (1907-1965) who has 2 other siblings Robert Franklin & Kenneth Roger Begnal.

I was able to connect Granddaughter of Clifford Floyd and her bio Father Kenneth Roger, son of Clifford Floyd & Eunice A. Hall.  This portion of Begnal lineage should of been Eaton and a DNA Match to Eaton.

Children of Robert Franklin Begnal (1929-1976), Kenneth Roger (1930- ) and Clifford Floyd Begnal, their DNA should be a match to Eaton as well.  Same of my Uncle Clifford Anthony Begnal Young and Father Richard Newton Begnal Young, and my 2 Sons Donald Richard Young Jr (1970-2005) and Richard Earl Young (1975-  )

And Robert Thomas Begnal (1931-2011) who is a descendant of George Felix Begnal (1979-1957) and Edna M. Avery (1888-1975), in my 22+ years researching this Begnal Lineage back to 1847 County Meath, Ireland, I did meet Robert Thomas of Saratoga Springs NY after his move to Apple Valley, CA is when we met in his home.

Robert Thomas Begnal and his siblings, George Felix Begnal Jr, Jean Mary, and John Avery Begnal, as far as I know also should be a DNA Match to Begnal Lineage.

I completed AncestryDNA (results 16 Dec 2016), downloaded rawDNA from Ancestry and uploaded to on Apr 2019

Ossee Eaton, Sr. is my Paternal 4th Great-Grandfather, descendant of Francis Eaton (1596/96-1633) a Carpenter on the Mayflower, who is my 9th Great-Grandfather, b. 11 Sep 1595/96, Bristol Co., England, d. 18 Nov 1633, Plymouth Co., MA. 

If Francis was born 11 Sep, we share the same Birth Day/Month of 11 Sep. born 351 years before me and 405 years before the Downing of the NY World Trade Center at 10:28 a.m. & 5:21 p.m.
p.s I became a Fire Fighter 1972

D.R. "Doc" Young

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Our Ancestors of Past

Could this of been Your Ancestors of the Depression Years 29 Oct 1929-1939 in America...

...or the Great Famine/the Great Hunger was a period of mass starvation, disease 1845-1852 Ireland...

...and Migrations from across the Pond

Other periods in History possibly never taught in Schools...of how Our Ancestor's survived, from around the world, even in, at or near America's back-door, that not even a wall would have prevented.

1981-1991: Second measles outbreak - another outbreak of measles in 2014 and 2015.

1916-1955: The peak of polio - The first major polio epidemic in the United States occurred in 1916 and reached its peak in 1952.  Of the 57,628 reported cases, there were 3,145 deaths.

1921-1925: Diphtheria epidemic - peaked in 1921, with 206,000 cases.

1918: “Spanish flu” - actually doesn’t come from Spain.  It circulates the globe annually, but seriously affected the United States in 1918.  The flu would return later in 1957 as the “Asian flu” and cause nearly 70,000 deaths before a vaccine became available.

1906-1907: “Typhoid Mary” - New York...Mary Mallon, often referred to as “Typhoid Mary,” spread the virus to about 122 New Yorkers during her time as a cook on an estate and in a hospital unit.  About five of those 122 New Yorkers passed away from the virus.  Annually, 10,771 people passed away from typhoid fever.

1858: Scarlet fever also came in waves - 95 percent of people who caught the virus were children.

1832-1866: Cholera in three waves - The pandemic began in India, and swiftly spread across the globe through trade routes.  New York City was usually the first city to feel the impact.

1633-1634: Smallpox from European settlers

1793: Yellow fever from the Caribbean

1346-1353: Europe, Asia and North Africa known as the Black Death - molecular evidence of the orientalis strain of Yersinia pestis biovar, the organism responsible for bubonic plague. 

Most every American descends from Immigrants, a word many may dislike to be or have been titled.  

Our Ancestor's Migrated within their Home Country and surrounding Lands...came many Hardships.

Their History is important of Survival and How We Are Here Today...this too should never be forgotten.

Depending on how far back in time Your Research May Take You - 10 of the Worst Pandemics in World History

Epidemics Pre-1500 through to the 21st Century

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Daughter Finds Birth Mother & Father

Hi Doc, 

Don’t faint when you read this....

S. (given-name withheld privacy reason) Begnal, is my birth Mother!  

I called her yesterday, introduced myself, and asked if she gave up a baby for adoption.  

She said yes!  Confirming that the birth father was MW (name withheld privacy reason), as I presumed. 

What a joyful moment!  

I personally am not taking any credit in this find/connection, I do wish to Congratulate Patti !!!

Patti had contacted myself via Ancestry messages, reason I have Begnal's in my Tree

Blaschko-Eaton-Pereira Cardozo-Perry-Wilson

AncestryDNA 16 Dec 2016 - 2017 - FamilyTreeDNA-2019

D.R. "Doc" Young
25+ yrs Genealogy Research & Assistance
Salt Lake Valley, UT

22 Jan 2019