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Friday, February 8, 2019

Ancestral Origins per my Y-DNA

FamilyTreeDNA -there are many result categories, one is Ancestral Origins based on my Y-DNA (paternal test) which a Person who test for their Y-DNA will show results (based on submitted sample) are compared to Other Y-DNA of those who have Submitted to FamilyTreeDNA from the USA and World.

My YDNA Result Chart below shows columns by Country* | Match Total* | Country Total* | Percentage* | Comment*

The Y-DNA – Ancestral Origins page allows you to view the ancestry information for your matches from one of our Y-Chromosome DNA STR (short tandem repeat) tests: Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25, Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, or Y-DNA111.

*Country – This is the paternal country of origin as reported by the individual customer.

*Match Total – This is the total number of matches for a specific country.

*Country Total – This is the total number of people with Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results from the country of origin in the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA database.

*Percentage – This is the percentage from the country of origin compared to the total number from that country in the database, i.e., the Match Total column divided by the Country Total column.

*Comment – This is additional information reported by the customer such as a social, religious, or ethnic group. Where more than one match from a country has provided the same comment, the number of matches is shown beside the comment. For example, someone with matches in Germany might have Baden-W├╝rttemberg (2) and Schleswig-Holstein (7).

Note: Family Tree DNA uses the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 3166 for country names.

above image is Exact Matches of my Y-DNA results at the 12 Marker Level

followed by 12 Marker Genetic Distance 1  - not shown above

25 Marker - not show above
Exact Matches

37 Marker - not show above
Exact Match

67 Marker - which I have not purchased

111 Marker - which I have not purchased

 12 Marker - My greatest Y-DNA connection are 

England 149 people out of 42,621 tested 
Germany 68 out of 22,768
USA 65 of 16,238
UK 49 of 15,117
Ireland 46 of 28,538
Scotland 44 of 20,101
Netherlands 25 of 3,107
France 22 of 6,903

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