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Friday, May 25, 2018

A- Rh Factor Mutant, Alien or Human

I have A negative Blood

16 Dec 2016 completed Ancestry-DNA test.

I then since have joined GEDmatch (my Kit number: A476709 and Ged-ID  9648706)

Hoping to connect to a Genetic Bloodline, most commonly refers to heredity. 

What is in a Name, or in my case what should my Surname aka Family Name, have been?

I continue my Quest to Learn who I descend from of my Paternal side, since My Father was born a Begnal, died a Young (1924-1995), same of my Uncle (1923-2012), and my grandfather/their Father Clifford Franklin Begnal (1903-1960), which began in 1994.

It now appears after 24 yrs of Researching this Begnal Line...Clifford's Father may very well have been Claude Brudenell Eaton (1879-??) this discovery came 29 Dec 2016. 

I received an e-mail from my 1st Cousin, "I just wanted to forward this blood type we both are RH- "

Some suggest that Rh-Negative blood must be of a non-human origin.  The majority of scientists who have studied the blood type have concluded that it is most likely just a random mutation.

Others suggest that lineages with the gene for Rh-Negative blood are merely special in some way and were not meant to be mixed with lineages which are predominantly Rh-Positive.

What is in our Bloodline connecting my cousin and I to our unknown Paternal Surname, which neither of us were born with.  And the same of those born/descendants of Clifford Franklin birth surname is unknown, are not Begnal or Young, even though it may be written on their birth certificates Begnal or Young.

Which led me to researching more about my Blood Type A-

Rh factor and Rh incompatibility - Rhesus (Rh) factor is an inherited protein found on the surface of red blood cells.  If your blood has the protein, you're Rh positive. If your blood lacks the protein, you're Rh negative. Rh positive is the most common blood type. 

Very interesting, I never had learned about the Thyroid Gland and its importance, until today.

Do you come from an Rh-Negative family? 

The Rh-Negative Registry - The Rh-Negative Recessive (Rh+/-) Trait  and how we could possibly carry the recessive RH - factor even if we have positive blood.

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