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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DNA Test Results Are In

This is on a personal note, I sent off for the AncestryDNA Kit, which was shipped 27 Nov, arrived and returned promptly.  Today 14 Dec received notification via e-mail my results are ready, that was quick...which I have not followed the link to to view these results.

However, with minutes of receiving that notification, I got another e-mail "from ERIN: 4th Cousin Match writing  "I would like to know if you would be willing to communicate with me in an effort to discover how we are related?  Also, Ancestry's internal messaging system is inconsistent at best so please feel free to contact me through my email"

So I am waiting until I have done my morning online routine, before devoting my undivided attention to the results.

Hoping the Genes in my Spit result in learning who my paternal Grandfather Clifford Franklin Begnal (1903-1960) really is.  Until I learn his true DNA identity, I am not related to the Begnal or Young Lineage before my Father born Newton Richard Begnal (1924-1995) / as I met him he was named Richard Newton Young for the first time when I was 20.

I began my Genealogy Research late 1992, and it was not until 1994, did I learn my Father was not born as a Young, rather Begnal.  My Uncle was born only as Begnal, which I learned he was named Clifford Anthony Begnal (1923-2012), however when I met him, he was a Young.

Both were born to the same parents Clifford Franklin & Thelma Ferne Perry (Pereira Cardozo)

I have researched for over 22 yrs to learn my Paternal Blood Line...I hope this DNA solves the unknown I have tried so hard to learn.

I started a DNA Lineage Connection Facebook page to share with those I discover through this DNA testing process and that of those I am related to who are unaware as Cousins, a surviving Son, my 4 Half Siblings which 2 have passed that I am aware of, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.

My oldest Son passed Jun 2005, my Mother in 2012, Father in 1995.  And there is another set of Half Siblings 2 women, one deceased in 1977, the other I am in communication with, who are possibly related, however we have an affidavit stating my Father is not the biological Father of these 2 girls, signed by their Mother.