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Thursday, December 26, 2013

DNA - My World Part II

As a Genealogy ResearcherI see a need for this technology if you do not have a picture of an Ancestor, but do have their DNA, what that Ancestor may have looked like.

DNA Portrait - with the amazing technology of the world & USA in the last 30 years, between DNA, Computers, Internet, Genealogy which I have observed from hands on, listening to the News, watching Science & History TV shows and exploring the Internet...has and is astonishing.

Recently watching TV shows...Fringe, Continuum, Nikita, from the past shows involving Forensics far surpass flying to MARS or beyond finding Life elsewhere.

On the news this morning "Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg" collects errant hairs, cigarette butts, fingernails, and discarded chewing gum from public places and using the DNA she finds, creates 3D portraits with a printer of how the owners of this discarded genetic material might look.

If you watch the video, to some this might sound gross, to others maybe "I shall not discard my cigarette butts, gum and wear a hat or hairnet.  All that we see and watch is Reality or in the making of the future, as writers, people relating to careers that explore, relating to technologies and science of today are foreseeing the future.

For many of us it is entertainment, an Ah or Wow factor when on the computer sailing the world of knowledge within the Internet, or bigger than life visually watching a movie on the Big Screen or 3D.  Somethings are just not meant to be viewed in 3D.

I only wish that in my High School days, this technology, knowledge and amazement was present as it is today...sure after High School, came "Man Walking on the Moon" however that was out of this World and a big achievement.  

Encourage your children and support them no matter their age, as they are our future, even if someone of us will not be around to see it, others of the future will benefit from them.  "Paying it Forward"

Imagination leads to Discovery, Development and Implementation = Reality

With the work Heather Dewey-Hagborg is doing, she can potentially see if a person is at a Health risk, cancer, diabetes, weight issues and with that knowledge Heather could know more about you than your Doctor does.

the Video links follow...choose the version of how this story is told...I watched all 3, absolutely fascinating. - this video explains more on how Heather's work can assist Cold Cases - this video explains & shows the steps Heather takes in creating a 3D image from DNA, that is the likeness of your Family or someone within your Family as a Cousin. - DNA Portrait is a lovely short documentary, this video is 11:47 min - Referencing Heather's work, the lab she uses Genspace, sequencing the DNA therein to print 3D sculptures as shown below.

Every time we put our trash to the curb, a little of our DNA goes to the landfills.  A lot can be told of those living in a residence or working in a building, about who lives and works there.