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Monday, December 24, 2018

Y-DNA37 Family Tree DNA

I just sent off for another DNA test aka Y-DNA37 from Family Tree DNA & FTDNA FB page

 Wanting to know my true Paternal Lineage...

 ...Ancestry's DNA was for Ethnicity (Dec 2016)...hopefully in 2019, I will for sure know who I am or not...

 "As the DNA Turns" a New Day Time Soap Opera ?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

DNA test reveals a shocking secret

If you watch The Today Show with Megyn Kelly with Catherine St Clair, founder of NPE Friends Fellowship Topic "Woman’s DNA test revealed a shocking family secret"....

...I found to be so True in relating to my Genealogy Research of 25+yrs and my Ancestry-DNA test results of 16 Dec 2016....only I probably should of taken the Y-DNA test, not the describe DNA which is inherited from the autosomal chromosomes.

I have been a subscriber of Ancestry since May 2004, currently now I have been researching 25+ yrs...I still do not have my answer to Who I in by Blood I know I am not a Young or Begnal.

So I am more interested in my True Paternal Father & Grandfather Blood Line, more so than my Ethnicity or How Many Distant Cousins I may have.

I am not saying Ethnicity or Cousins are not important, as I have had some of the best Lineage Information come from a 2nd Cousin (J.W.Rockwell Jr) and a 4th Cousin in Slovakia P. Posch.

Mr. Posch, age 40, provided me with Church Records from Szentgyorgy, Pozsony, Hungary today is Svaty Jur, Bratislava, Slovakia, regarding my Maternal Grandmother Antoinette Victoria Blaschkov and her siblings and parents.

Mr. Rockwell, age 78, was able to send me letters from my P-Grandfather Clifford Franklin to Aunt Ella Shaughnessy sister of my P-Great-Grandmother Elizabeth Shaughnessy.  One particular 1928 letter Clifford wrote to Ella asking about his last name, that his mother Elizabeth had said it was not Begnal.

Which confirms my suspicion that Clifford was not born Begnal, also Mr. Rockwell provided me with a 1900 marriage certificate of Elizabeth "Lizzie" to Claude Brudenell Eaton, which possibly validates Clifford Franklin may have been born Eaton.

In 25 yrs I have accumulated 4,800+ Ancestors to my Tree, having only began with My Mother, Father, and 2 Grandmothers.

Evaluate what DNA Test you wish to take by what it is you want to know.