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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ancestry site Change Woes as you may know has been undergoing site changes for several months that affect Searches, Messages, and site Function.  I personally have to log in several times daily, or every search when wanting to view a Search Result or Recommended Record.

Today I receive an E-Mail in an account of mine not connected to Ancestry from Notifications@Ancestry besides being the wrong E-Mail Account which is not in my Ancestry Profile Settings, when I clicked on the View Message button, I received Oops ! that Message Not Found.

We’re currently in the process of transferring our email and
support center to a new platform. To resolve your concerns,
please visit our new Ancestry Support site at the following link,
where you’ll find helpful articles and discussions as well as contact information for further support.

This site has been put into a read-only state and will be available again in mid-April. If you cannot find help here, please visit us on Facebook or Twitter! Alternatively, you can email our team at We look forward to seeing you in the new community in mid-April!

Ancestry merged Rootsweb

Annoying is the constant re-logging in once I have already logged in.  
I may view a Record Indexing found showing Suggested Records and 
when I click to view I receive the following.

We’re sorry, this page is temporarily unavailable.
Please try reloading this page or going back to the previous page.

With all these Changes going on behind the scene, I never know what is next that will interrupt my Research Time with replicating We're Sorry, Oops, Not Found and I have to Re-Log In.

As a Member of Ancestry since May 2004, much of my Paid Membership Time is Wasted.
It does not matter if I use MS I.E. 11, Firedox v 48.0.2, Chrome v 53.0.2785.116m

I encounter the same issues using FTM 2014 several times a day for over two months as of this writing.

Ancestry now has turned over Family Tree Maker Support to

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